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Quadruple Grand Champion
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Regional Best of Breed

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Badge, The Kid, Badgester
January 29, 2014


Runs reconnaissance, stalks and eliminates tremors.  Hunts and captures all creatures that resembles feather toys.


Here is proud QGC Special Agent Badge of Honor, Regional Best Pixie Bob.

Badge and his great uncle Special Agent Max Remaly, Pamela's first Pixie Bob.  Badge of honor is honoring Max.edededed

Badge is a special guy and loves Pamela, his new mom. We'll let her tell you about him in her own words.  Below, Badge is 2 years and 3 months.

Above is Badge at 16 months, below he's 3.5 months.



Badge came home when he was 12 weeks old. His new fur siblings were a 5 year old rescue girl, Emma; a 3 year old Selkirk Rex boy, Connor and a 9 month old Maine Coon boy, Cartwright.  The 2 boys loved the wet food breakfast I fixed every morning, a combination of chicken, tuna and warm water. They had a spot on the counter where breakfast was served. Badge didn't get up there yet, so I gave him a spot right at the end of the counter on the floor. The 1st morning I put Badge in his spot and said to all three, "KITTY BREAKFAST!"  The two big boys went to their spot on the counter, and Badge sat up nice in his spot on the floor. Cartwright is a big eater. He finished his, jumped to the floor and quickly ate all of Badge's food. I pushed Cartwright away and gave Badge a little more. The next morning I tried again to feed the three boys. Cartwright did the same thing. I knew this set up would not work. So .. on the next morning I fixed kitty breakfast and called Badge to my bedroom. He didn't come, so I called out again, "Kitty Breakfast!" and no Badge. I went back in the kitchen. Here is this little boy that I had for only 3 days, waiting in his spot on the floor at the end of the counter, sitting up nice and straight, ready for his breakfast.  What a smart little dude.



 I live out in the country.  Our local news paper warns us of bobcats, coyotes and rattle snakes. I had Badge in the car in his travel cage.  It's a see through cage so that he can easily see out. I stopped at our local gas station.  As I pumped the gas, I opened the back door to talk to him. A man was walking by.  His eyes got big and he said, "Hey, Wow!  You caught one!"  I realized he thought Badge was a real bobcat kitten.  I said, "No. This is my kitten.  He's a Pixie Bob."


YEA!  OH BOY! (with clapping)

  In the living room I have a big picture window with shutters.  The cats love sitting there and watching all the birds and other wildlife.  I open the shutters every morning with clapping and happy, "Oh Boy! Oh Boy!"  They come running.  It took Emma about a month to learn what my clapping meant.  It took Connor about 6 months.  It took Cartwright about a week.  It took Badge 2 days. 




My husband, Roger has a big leather chair. Badge has decided that it really should belong to him. If he sees Roger coming, he'll run to the chair, jump up and then look out to see if he has been spotted in the chair, with that look of "I got here first."



At one of the cat shows I won a new kitty food dish in the raffle. When I got home I washed it and put down in the spot with food in it. Badge heard me with the dry food and came running. He stopped short, looked at the new dish, touched it with his paw. He decided it was ok and ate. None of the other cats noticed there was a new dish.


Badge sleeps with me. At about 3 a.m. he will come up beside me and get as close as he can and just purrr. He is so sweet. He is such a wonderful boy.


Badge was competing as a kitten. He was next to several screaming Bengals. In the cage right next to him a little female kept putting her paw in Badges cage and striking out at him. He was sitting patient for a while, and then finally leaned forward so he could see a little bit of her and gave out a big HISSS with his mouth open and not playing around. She stopped and moved to the back of her cage. He went back to sitting patiently.




Badge went in for his 1 year check up. The veterinarian had never seen a Pixie Bob. When he lifted him to give a hug as this vet always does, he said, "What do you feed this guy?  He is as solid as a rock!" The vet tech girl came in to give him his shot.  She took one look at Badge and decided she needed help.  As it turned out, he was wonderful and she was relieved.  I told her that he just looks tough but is a real sweetheart.


Badge's father is Special Agent Sniper Six (left) and his mother is Special Agent Tiger Paws (right).

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