Agent Acquisition Contract
The Fine Print


Below is our basic contract.  We have made every effort to insure the happiness and safety of our beloved Agents.  We welcome any questions, comments or concerns you might have pertaining to this contract or any aspect of Special Agent Pixie Bobs.

After you survive our interrogations and prove your qualifications to obtain a Special Agent, if you wish to requisition an Agent, a minimum non-refundable Holding Fee of 20% is required to hold that Agent.  Payment and contract must be received by us withing 5 business days from the day we tell you that you will be blessed with one of our Agents.  All payments are to be made payable in US funds to Judy Deacon or Ecko Deacon.  We do NOT accept credit/debit cards.  Please do not send contract or payments which require your signature.  If you want to use express mail or the like, please mark to waive the signature.

Special Agent Pixie Bobs reserves the right to deny, refuse or cancel any sale, for any reason, at our discretion.

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