Canyon of Special Agent
I.D. # :
The Canyonator
01T 072902 024
July 29, 2002

Special Notes:

Of unknown ancestry, Canyon matches the legend of the Pixie Bob.  One look and there is no doubt he has wild blood in his background.  He was born to a barn cat in the hills of Brea Canyon, California.

Canyon is a youngster in the photo to the left. On the right, he is mature.
When Canyon wants your attention, it is not a request, it is an order.  If you try to leave, he will grab you with his powerful arms and insist you stay. 

Canyon is a big boy with long legs and large, meaty feet.  He has very heavy boning and a wild expression to his face.

         This boy is extremely lovable, but has some feral tendencies.  He loves to lay in your lap, or jump onto your shoulder.  He's really good  at moving from your back to your shoulder without touching the ground!


But, he does like to be in control.  And certain things truly bother him, like looking directly into his face, forcing him in to a position he doesn't like, or making him jealous with another "man."  He likes to set the pace, tone and timing of cuddle sessions.

Above, and the outside photos below show Canyon in the early stages of his development.

The center photo of his face is him fully developed.

Canyon's parents are unknown.

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