International Best of Breed
Double Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion

I.D. #:
02T 0324002 002
March 24, 2002
Special Notes: Legend was only shown one season.  She was the Best Pixie Bob kitten in the World that year and a Regional Winner as a kitten.  When she became an adult, there were only 4 months left in the season.  In that four months, Legend being shown as an adult, Legend earned a second Regional Win, her Supreme Grand Championship and ended the season as the third best Pixie Bob adult in the world.






Legend is a female version of her father.
She is quiet, and enjoys the simple life  surrounded by friends.  Shows aren't her thing.

She is a stout girl with
 wonderful eyes, structure
 ear tufts, color...she simply has it all!



Legend is a beautiful girl with a wonderful, outgoing personality and an awesome, wild look.  She is so much like her father, it's amazing.  She loves to play tag, just like her father.  In fact, she intimidated an Edison employee when she tagged his leg and ran.  He said the "wild cat" attacked him and he wanted us to lock her up while he was there.  Of course, Legend was only playing, and wouldn't hurt anyone.




Don't be fooled by the photo to the right above, Legend is all muscle.  She was due to have her litter within a few days here.


The photo to the left and below were taken October, 2010.


Legend likes to be called "bootiful girl" and knows when that term is used, it must mean her.  To get your attention, she will announce she has a gift for you.

She also has a tendency to give love bites.  They are only little nips, but with her looks, she has intimidated more than one person.






One of Legend's favorite places to hang out is on the entertainment center where the electronics warm the surface.

Her ear tufts are so phenomenal, like her father, people have accused us of gluing false eyelashes on both of them.  Of course, that's ridiculous, but a compliment in a way.  And her chin is so prominent, her teeth are constantly checked for an under-bite.  Her teeth are perfect, as is her chin.  There are so many wonderful things about this girl, it is no wonder she has given us such beautiful kittens.


Legend is a great mom.  Her favorite gift to her kittens is a large piece of fur she drags to her babies.  One of her favorite toys is the laser pointer.


Tag (left) is Legend's father and Baycha (right) is her mom.

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