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Winterhawk shows off his obvious bobcat ancestry.  What a perfect boy!


The Pixie Bob is a domestic cat bred to emulate the appearance of the North American Bobcat. Our unique Special Agents display many bobcat characteristics. They are fit, boasting large muscular bodies. Males will range from 10-16 pounds upon maturity at 3-4 years old. The females are about a third smaller at 8-13 pounds. Some organizations claim much larger sizes, but these claims are suspect and have not been substantiated. Agents are camouflaged in natural bobcat colors, with predator markings and a short 2-6" tail.  Many exhibit lynx tipped ears, thumb prints on the back of the ears, cheek wings and large feet, sometimes polydactyl. The standards for the Pixie Bob can be viewed on the TICA (The International Cat Association) website. Common terms are defined on the Agency's Definitions file.



Each operative is intelligent with a charming and lovable nature. Their specialties include, but are not limited to, Laptop, War Games, Reconnaissance, Infiltration, Communication, Archeology  and Covert Operations, or any combinations thereof. We also get an occasional under-comforter, er, I mean undercover Agent, physical therapist or comedian.
Our agents are in exceptional condition and have been known to engage children for hours. They love to be with their human assignment and can be trained to walk on a leash.  Check out the video of Special Agent Darby learning to walk on a harness by clicking here!  Some also enjoy car rides or water. Agent 6 loves to pursue a stream of water and usually winds up drenched. If allowed, Special Agent Boomer actually showers with his assignment, Sandy Murphy, and Special Agent Kajika loves bubble baths with Jennifer's daughter.

The Pixie Bob is an active cat, but not hyperactive.  It is like the Quarterback of the cat world.  They like to be in the game and are very intelligent.  They hang out with you to the point of being at your side every available moment.  They also like to be involved in whatever you are involved in, and often have input to help your project along.  They don't like to be alone, and do well with other cats or animals.  If you are gone long periods of time, you might want to get your Pixie Bob a buddy.  Two Pixie Bobs are twice the fun, love and devotion.

Our Agents are loyal and have put their lives on the line for others. In one case, a small, female Pixie Bob Agent stormed into enemy territory and assaulted 3 Rottweilers and a Labrador to save the life of a young, unrelated Pixie operative. Another young Agent attempted to pull a bather from the bathtub using her paws and teeth. She attempted to talk the bather out first. Then, thinking the bather was drowning, the Agent assessed the situation and took what she deemed as appropriate action.
WARNING: As with all cats, many Pixie Bobs raised in cages can be shy or nasty. We strongly suggest that you get your kitten from a home, like the Agency, where they are lovingly raised underfoot. Visit the organization (cattery) if at all possible. If you cannot visit the cattery, be very aware of the background of pictures and of what is said by the breeder. Of course, visitors are always welcome here at the Agency.



It has been speculated that our agents have bobcat heritage. The Agency will neither confirm nor deny these allegations, although it is common knowledge that some do possess wild blood, though, not bobcat blood.  Legend has it that "Pixie", the namesake for the breed, is of bobcat heritage, thus the term "legend cat".  This legend cannot be confirmed, however, and we disavow any knowledge, or belief of the credibility of this information.
All of our Agents are registered with
TICA and are recognized as, and considered, domestic, thus no special papers or permits are required for recruiting one in almost every state.


Click here to see a short PowerPoint presentation about the Pixie Bob


Merryn - Savannah kitten


A premium, high quality diet, such products as Eukanuba, Science Diet and others, will keep your Agent in top form.  Feeding low quality, inexpensive food could cause serious health issues, and even death.  Do your homework and feed your cat the best to insure a long, health life together.
Their medical needs coincide with that of a domestic cat/civilian class, so a good vaccination and parasite control program is essential. Contrary to some reports, Pixie Bobs have no worse reaction to Feline Leukemia vaccine than any other cat. The Agency has vaccinated for this and highly suggests discussing your needs with you own, trusted vet. We do not recommend the FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) vaccine be given at this time, as there is no documented proof that this vaccine is effective in preventing this fatal virus.
You will find our Agents have excellent litter box habits. In fact, the archeological specialists enjoy assisting in your daily excavations. All operatives have been trained for proper grooming. This includes having their nails trimmed so it will not be necessary to put them through the painful amputations of declawing.
Extra care should be taken with polydactyl Agents. They may have hidden claws which will require extra attention. Our operatives have been trained to stretch their muscles and nails on various standard issue scratching posts. They especially enjoy sisal rope. The use of such equipment will be of great value to ensure the safety of your furnishings from their instinctive and much needed exercise.

Our Agents should be kept indoors unless they are taken out on a harness, or have a safe recreational enclosure.  They are raised in the home, and enjoy the safety of being close to their human family.  Play will provide the exercise they need, or you could consider a cat wheel to add extra entertainment.








Exercise is important for all animals, and will help our Agents form and strong bond with their human assignments.


Your Special Agent will fall into one of these three classifications:


SHOW QUALITY - have the strong physical and mental characteristics necessary to compete at top level shows.  They also have to be eligible per the TICA registration rules.
BREEDER QUALITY - have strong traits, but might not meet the strict demands for the show quality Pixie Bob or Savannah.  This could simply be that their registration number makes them ineligible for show.
PET QUALITY - not qualified for breeding.  This could be as simple are an incorrect tail length.  These agents will be altered (spayed or neutered), but are still excellent agents.  The may not be James Bond, or Agent Six, but they are every bit as charming.

We place all of our cats and kittens as pets, regardless of their quality.


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