Special Agent Pixie Bob Ladies
Elite Ladies with a Special Mission - The Core of the Production Department

Proverbs 3:18


Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion
Special Agent Silencer

Silencer, AKA Dew, is the littermate of one of the highest titled cats in TICA, LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout.  Her wonderful personality really shined in the shows, proven by the fact that she adjusted so easily to this difficult environment at 4 years old.  Most cats have to be raised going into loud, public situations, but she took it in stride.  She is a bit of a communications specialist, and follows you around giving her daily reports.

Dew is a large girl with great, sound conformation. We are eager to get our next generation of show kittens from her.

Special Agent Inna PinchSpecial Agent Inna Pinch
Special Agent Inna Pinch

This girl is very mean looking, enhanced by her very large size, but she is sweet and introverted.  She talks some, but is relatively quiet.  Her loving is always accompanied by happy paws.

Ina is a huge, wild looking girl.  She is the daughter of our first International Best of Breed and our first Regional Winner, RW DGC Special Agent Shikyna.  Her tail is too short for her to be shown, but we are confident she would do very well if she could be.


Regional Best of Breed - International Female Best of Breed
Regional Winner - Supreme Grand Champion
Special Agent Going Solo

Solo is unique in every way. Her personality overflows. She demands your attention by sitting up like a prairie dog and waving a polydactyl foot or two at whoever will notice. Her hobby of passion is running on a cat wheel. She is very skilled, and the wheel has been dubbed the "Solo Flex". Solo is very relaxed in the show ring. She has found that she gets attention sitting up there too. She is the daughter of one of the most stunning Pixie Bob girls in the world, RW SGC Special Agent Legend, and the mysterious and coveted Secret Agent Canyon.


Special Agent Grand Canyon

This wild looking girl has been given the nickname Gherkin by those of us who love her.  She is a girl in every action, so dainty and feminine.  She doesn't talk much, but her looks speak volumes.  She has major happy paws and purrs up a storm.

Gherkin has a stunning face, and a small, predatory looking eye.  She has wonderful ear tufts, and a thick, wild looking coat.  If she had a little longer tail, we would show her for a higher title, but she has outgrown her tail and it is a little too short to be competitive with the very strong competition in the Southwest.

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