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SGC Blackfoot Agent Six

Grand Champion

Blackfoot Agent Six

Our Foundation

LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout

International Best of Breed Pixie Bob
Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Supreme Grand Champion
Special Agent Sniper Scout

 RW SGC Special Agent Sniper

International Best of Breed Pixie Bob
Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion

Special Agent Sniper

Our standards are high, and there is no compromise in the breeding program for our Pixie Bobs.  We demand our Agents be a cut above, and, simply, the best.  Our Pixie Bobs have won many awards, including several International Winners, International Best of Breeds, Supreme Grand Champions and Regional Winners.  We are one of a few Pixie Bob breeders to have produced a top 25 cat in the world.  Our Special Agent Pixie Bobs have a very distinctive and recognizable wild look, but that is not all it takes to be a Special Agent.  They must exhibit the charming, loyal and lovable personality we are also well known for, with home raised, underfoot preparation.  They must be happy and healthy, and this is not compromised for any price.
 We take pride in our Agents so you can be proud to say, "My cat is a Special Agent!"

Agent Six     CH Special Agent Silent Sniper     Sniper gives his son final instructions. "Make Dad proud, Son."

Generation after generation, the proof is in the results of our strict selection and breeding practices.  Just look at the three generations of Pixie Bobs in the large photograph below.

RW SGC Special Agent LegendSGC Blackfoot Agent Six, RW SGC Special Agent Sniper, Special Agent Captain JackSpecial Agent kitten

SGC Blackfoot Agent Six

The photos on this comprehensive site are some of the Pixie Bob operatives our Agency has working throughout the world. Each Agent is specially trained and fully qualified to meet the requirements necessary to integrate and infiltrate the hearts of every member of the family. Despite their exotic and feral appearance, our operatives are quite captivating. Classified information is included in this report to alleviate questions you might have.

RW SGC Special Agent Sniper. Pixiebob boy at 6 months old.

We are happy to offer further assistance as you may require or desire it. We hope you enjoy your trek through our pages and photographs.

Special Agent Capt Jack in Kittens USA 2013

Our Pixiebob kitten, Special Agent Fourby, on the cover of Cat Fancy, Aug. 2001

Our Agents have made several public appearances. You might have seen them on the cover or pages of magazines such as CatsUSA 2012, Cat Fancy or Pet Place.  Or, you might have seen them on other peoples web sites (unidentified, of course).

To the left is Special Agent Captain Jack, representing the Pixie Bob in a breed feature in Kittens USA 2013.

On the right is Special Agent Fourby (son of SGC Blackfoot Agent Six), chosen for the cover of Cat Fancy Magazine, August 2001, featuring the Pixie Bob.

Musician Travis Barker and Special Agent Sergio, a Pixie Bob kitten 

Or, you might have seen our Pixie Bobs on "Meet the Barkers" on MTV

Drummer Travis Barker with Special Agent Sergio, the Pixie Bob kitten he purchased for Shanna Moaker as a Christmas gift.

Canadian actor, Ricky Mabe with Special Agent Murray.  Ricky is an awesome person.  Will Murray join Ricky on film someday?

You never know who's next!

Actor Ricky Mabe and Murray, a Pixie Bob kitten

Pixie Bob girl, Special Agent Inna Pinch            Special Agent Trinity, Pixie Bob kitten         RW SGC Special Agent Reconnaissance, International Best Pixie Bob

QGC Special Agent Tazer of Mojos Cathouse, photo by J Etling Special Agent Inna Pinch



RW QGC Special Agent Huntress   SGC Blackfoot Agent Six   RW SGC Special Agent Sniper

RW CH Special Agent Jamie Bond     RW SGC Special Agent Sniper, International Best Pixie Bob     RW SGC Special Agent Sniper      Secret Agent Canyon, Pixie Bob "legend cat"     Special Agent Biscuit

Special Agent Niko, Long haired Pixie Bob kitten                RW SGC Special Agent Sniper               RW DGC Special Agent Shikyna, International Best Pixie Bob

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select and obtain the Special Agent Pixie Bob or Savannah best suited for the mission in your life.

These pages will not self destruct so you may reference them whenever necessary.

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