How It All Began

Genesis 1:1-2
It all began because of a 16 year old Himalayan/Ragdoll named Corky (right). After loosing his sister, Corky was very lonely.  Because of his age, we were concerned whether he would accept another cat, but we started to seriously think about getting him a friend.
Flight (left) was found playing in the road. We tried to find her home, but were unsuccessful. Flight came home and captured Corky's heart. It took her a few weeks, but when she fell for him, it was deeply.
Unfortunately, she played way too roughly for a now 17 year old cat.  That's when we thought of getting a playmate for her. We looked into getting a cat with a history we could follow, and a breed that fit into our family well.

The Pixie Bob seemed perfect in every way. It was exotic looking, and had enough energy to keep up with Flight, but it wasn't as feisty or high maintenance as the other beautiful breeds we were considering.

When looking into purchasing a Pixie Bob, we were discouraged by the high prices for a pet, going well into the thousands of dollars. We also couldn't find any Southern California breeders.  Fortunately, we were offered a beautiful pregnant female, Desert, for a great price, and we grabbed her. That's when the addiction began.


Desert, our first Pixie Bob

Desert's first litter didn't produce any show quality kittens, but we thought we had some strong features to work with and went on a hunt for the best male we could afford.

 Stevie was from our first Pixie Bob litter.


A wonderful woman, Bev Sorenson, whom we considered our mentor, had our boy, Tag (AKA SGC Blackfoot Agent Six, pictured to the right the day we brought him home). He was special from the moment we saw him.  We are so grateful for Bev's skill in breeding such beautiful cats, her patience with us as we grew and learned, her guidance and advice, and her immeasurable honesty.  Bev, THANK YOU is not enough to express how much you mean to us! 

We obtained a second male, Agent Catch 22 (below), to compliment Tag. Catch has since been retired from the production department, but his prodigy still thrive.  One of his granddaughters was one of the first Pixie Bobs to represent the breed in France. Catch is not a member of our production team anymore, but simply a wonderful member of the family now.

The rest is well documented. Tag went on to become our first Supreme Grand Champion, and is commonly complimented as the best Pixie Bob in the world. RW SGC Special Agent Sniper has also been considered by many to be the best, or the perfect Pixie Bob.  RW SGC Special Agent PT Paws is the first Supreme to carry our Cattery name, Special Agent. RW DGC Special Agent Shikyna is our first Best of Breed and Regional Winner.  LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout was our first to win a Lifetime Achievement Award and an International win.  And there have been many more International Best Pixie Bobs, and Regional Winners, as well as many Supreme Grand Champions since.

We actually purchased two cats that were sold to us as Pixie Bobs.  When they arrived, they had American Bobtail papers.  So, since the breeder who sold us the cats had moved and gone into hiding, we decided to try to breed American Bobtails, but quickly discovered that, at that time, two different breeds were more than we could handle without caging cats.  Our Agents are part of our family and cages aren't, so we made our choice and decided we liked the Pixie Bob looks and personality better, so we sold our American Bobtails within the year.


Now that we are more experienced breeders, we have decided that we can dabble in another breed, as long as we don't have any more males to house.  Introducing the Savannah!


While showing our Pixie Bobs, we were introduced to the very exotic Savannah.  Jewel, in the photo to the right with her harness on, was being shown by Arden Morley.  We were instantly in love.  She was huge, and exotic and very sweet in nature.  We asked Arden about purchasing a pet boy from her.  With a price tag of $5,000 for a pet and the 2 year waiting list she had for her pets, we rethought our idea.  Ecko searched the internet for a cat of Jewel's quality.  She saw a lot of high price tags, but the quality was lacking.

Camelottaspots Lady Merryn the day we decided to purchase her.

After much discussion, we decided that if we were going to spend that kind of money, perhaps we should invest in a really lovely girl try breeding to get a little of our money back.  Arden informed us that she didn't sell her girls.  So, Wind let it be known that we were on the hunt for a spectacular girl, like Jewel.  After several emails from breeders trying to discourage us from buying high percentage cats, Arden contacted us.  She said we got her in trouble with some of the other Savannah breeders.  They told her that she ruined us, as they felt we wouldn't be happy with anything they could offer us.  They were right, Arden has the most amazing Savannahs.  Arden agreed to allow us the privilege of investing in our first girl, Lady Merryn.

Since then, we have decided to take a break from breeding Savannahs.

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