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John 14:1-3
Contrary to what you might believe, our adult agents have adjusted very well, and bonded very strongly with their new families.  They are more than capable of becoming loyal and loving members of your family.  We are so sure of it that we GUARANTEE it!  We will happily provide you with references to adoptive families if you would like to hear their experiences first hand.






SGC Special Agent Legacy, pictured here, was adopted as an adult and is a wonderful pet. Check out his file and see what Lynne says about him.  She took both of these photos.  She says, "He is just too lovable for words."

There are two very sad stories, with very happy endings, connected to these photos.  It involves a veterinarian who killed kittens, and almost mom, performing a cesarean, three kittens thrown in the trash, and a grieving Pixie bob.  Special Agent Without Details raised the "dumpster kittens" and is very attached to them, calling for them incessantly whenever she looses track of them.  We would like to adopt her out with one of these wonderful kittens.  They are spayed, vaccinated and ready to go to a new home.







We are always evaluating our breeding program and will add more retired breeding cats here.

Please feel free to contact us for more information if you would be interested in one of these very Special Agents!


We have a few cats recued from a colony of abandoned and homeless cats. Please help us find permanent, loving homes for them!

As a bonus, if you help us find a wonderful, loving, forever home for any of our rescues, you will be given the option of moving to the top of our waiting list.

We are not asking for any adoption fee for these babies, but any donation made on there behalf will go directly to spaying, neutering, feeding and medicating the other cats in the the colony where they started their journey.

They are spayed or neutered and ready to show you how much love they have!

Regional Winner Masquerade
Born approximately late April, 2012

Pi was rescued with her sister and really relied on her to lead the way.  Pi doesn't rely on her sis anymore, but she definitely enjoys the company of other kitties.  She enjoys mothering and playing with the kittens.  She likes to hold a quiet conversation while looking deeply into your eyes.

Pi had serious eye infections when we brought her home.  In the photo on the left, you can see the rupture in her left eye (it looks like a  blue spot in her eye).  She is very health now.

Pi has been shown once and did very well, although she was quite nervous.  She is very shy of strangers, and needs someone with patience, to let her adjust to a new family.  Pi is spayed and ready for the perfect home.

Regional Winner Secret Agent Black Op
Born Approximately May, 2011
AKA - Squeaky

Shown as a kitten and won a Regional Award

This boy is a healthy, playful young man.  He's a big, black and white tuxedo with a "Squeaky" little meow. 

Squeaky had befriended a couple of kittens from a litter struggling with flea anemia and upper respiratory disease.  When we picked up his buddy to bring him home, Squeaky followed us, as if to say, "Where are you taking my friend?"  We just couldn't leave him behind.  And, Squeaky has turned into quite a bold lap cat.

He is already neutered and ready to go into a loving home with a soft lap.


Born approximately late August, 2011

 We call this lovely girl "Jordan".  She was found as a kitten in an abandoned truck.  Calling for help, she was hungry and alone.  We suspect that she was an only child and her mom stopped producing milk.  She wasn't easy to bottle feed, but she got the hang of it and is now a big healthy, happy girl, though she still sounds like a kitten when she calls you.  She is definitely a lap kitty, and very appreciative of being well cared for and loved.  If you don't give her the attention she wants, she will coax you to pay more attention to her.  She is quite the little lady, and just wants a warm lap and a gentle stroke.

Our little angel "Gabriel"
Born approximately early June, 2012

 Gabriel is quiet and introspective.  You truly wonder what he's thinking.  He's a bit shy, and has trouble trusting completely, but who could blame him.  He was found as a kitten suffering from flea anemia and looked like a bird or animal started to eat him.  You would never know now.  He is healthy and beautiful.  What a precious soul he has.  He loves to sleep touching you.  And, he loves popcorn and laser pointers.

Gabriel is neutered and ready to spend some quiet, yet playful, quality time with someone special.


Seasidebabies Special Agent Dude
Born May 31, 2003

Dude was brought to The Agency to breed, but was very sick when we got him and never produced. (You can refund our money anytime, Michelle.)  He is very lovable towards all people, but prefers female company when it comes to cats.
Dude has found a wonderful home in the area.  We are waiting for the breeder we purchased him from to fulfill her contract and refund our money.  She is in Northern California and also breeds Savannahs.  She has at least 2 cattery names, SeasideBobis and SeasideBabies.  BEWARE!!

All agents have a personality guarantee, but this is especially important for adult agents.  We want all of our agents to be happy.  If their new home doesn't work for them, they are always welcome to come home, to the Agency.

Adoption fees range from $50 to $500, unless otherwise indicated.

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