Leading Our Production Department!

Psalms 84:12

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Breed Winner

Supreme Grand Champion

International Best of Breed
International Winner - Double Regional Winner


AKA Red Bull



International Best of Breed

RW BW SGC Special Agent Shadow Sniper

AKA - Jason

RW BW SGC Special Agent Shadow Sniper        RW BW SGC Special Agent Shadow Sniper
Double Regional Winner
Breed Winner
Supreme Grand Champion
Special Agent Thomas Magnum

International Best of Breed

RW BW SGC Special Agent Thomas Magnum

Below are some of the tremendous and truly awesome boys we have had the privilege to have in our lives and breeding program.

They are the foundation of The Agency, Special Agent Pixie Bobs.

Supreme Grand Champion

This gorgeous man was hand picked for his excellence to lead the operatives of The Agency. SGC Blackfoot Agent Six started earning his titles his first show. With limited showing, this man earned honors as the Best of Breed in California and 6th best in the World in 2000.  He led the way, giving The Agency that distinctive look that separates us from other breeders.  He doesn't look like your average housecat, but has that bobcat quality to his expression.

SGC Blackfoot Agent Six

Blackfoot Agent Six, AKA Tag, is no longer breeding, but he was our first and will always be considered one of our best studs.

SGC Blackfoot Agent Six, 2002

Tag is from the original NW lines and has the muscular body and wide head of the early Pixie Bob legends.

Tag has had some phenomenal kittens.  Three of them have earned the title of the World's Best Pixie Bob.  He has produced five Supreme Grand Champions, several Regional Winners and Best of Breeds, as well as many other titled progeny.  His Kittens include RW SGC Special Agent Sniper (below), RW SGC Special Agent Legend and RW SGC Special Agent PT Paws.  All were International Best of Breeds.

This truly amazing boy has a unique, bobcat look. 

SGC Blackfoot Agent Six

He's a quiet, stealth operating Agent, but his looks speak volumes. He enjoys quiet times with his favorite Agent Coordinator, Wind, and is often times caught on the couch drooling all over her, literally. He has been known to give love bites, sometime a little too hard.

As 007 has his Bond girls, Tag has his own lovely ladies to help pass on his wonderful look.

International Best of Breed
Regional Winner - Supreme Grand Champion

RW SGC Special Agent Sniper

This son of SGC Blackfoot Agent Six flew through his titles.

He is a huge boy with heavy boning, is polydactyl on three feet and has a truly great expression.  There is no doubt he is his father's son.

More than one judge has actually asked if he was okay to handle because he looks so wild.  Several who have met him in person are intimidated by him.  They need not be.  He is truly a sweet natured boy.  He was so popular in the show hall, one judge commented, "How can I flaw a cat with such an entourage. He probably has a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame."  His fans missed him right away, requesting a special appearance now and again.

Those who have met him know, his looks are only part of his appeal. He also has an awesome personality. His philosophy is, "Life is a toy, play with it!" During thunderstorms, he'll stand with his hind feet on the bed, and his front on the windowsill, fearlessly enjoying God's light show. Sniper also has a great time playing with the kittens.  He blends just the right amount of discipline and fun.


International Best of Breed
Double Regional Winner - Supreme Grand Champion


Recon is a large boy with long legs, a perfect tail and tons of random spots on a very rufus coat.  He also has one of the flattest brows you will ever see, a highly desirable trait in the Pixie Bob.


"Recon" is a sweet boy, but has that wild, predatory expression that is becoming a tradition here at The Agency.  He sleeps in the bedroom with us and his grandfather, Sniper.  He says "good morning" by crawling into your arms, pressing his body to yours and looking lovingly into your eyes.  He even crawls into the judges arms, prompting one judge to comment with a smile, "I see.  He's spoiled at home, is he?"

Recon is still a kitten at heart, and loves to play with anyone who will join him, including his kids.  He jumps, spins, rolls and flips.  And, he does it with such enthusiasm.

This boy has had some stunning kittens, too.  The ones in the show ring are doing extremely well, earning raves from many judges.  One daughter from his first litter earned the title of Supreme Grand Champion in very few shows.  The kids are already lining up to follow in their father's footsteps and earn some more big titles of their own.


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