Common Pixie Bob and Savannah Terms and Their Meanings

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Pixie Bob Terms

Polydactyl or Poly
- Having extra toes. The Pixie Bob is the only breed allowing extra toes as part of their standard.
- Normal cat feet. No extra toes.
Mitten Paws
- Polydactyl feet that appear to have a thumb, like the cat is wearing a mitten. See Sniper, right, and Dac below.
Hamburger Patty "Patty" Paws
- Polydactyl with all toes touching the ground in a full, round foot. See Magnum at left.


Sniper was standing on the scanner for this picture.


Dac gives you a great view of a mitten paw.
Long Hair - A shaggy, medium length coat, not long and full like a Persian. See Special Agent Chester above.
Short Hair - A shorter coat, but still thick and plush.  Most of the Agents on this page are considered short hairs.
Double Coat - A plush, wooly undercoat with longer, coarser "guard" hairs that stand out from the body.  Sassy, center, above, shows a double coat which gives her a "halo" affect
Stand-out Coat
- A coat that stands away from the body, not slick or flat.


Brown Tabby is the only acceptable color for the Pixie Bob

Agouti (Ticked Tabby)
- Lacking pattern, like a rabbit's coat.  See Baycha., left. Sometimes referred to as "trout spotting."
- Having a circular, bull's eye type pattern.  See Chaz below left.
- Having stripes.  See Catch 22, right.

Broken Mackerel - Having some stripes, or rib bars, but most stripes breaking up into spots. This is a legal show pattern and the spotting of most show cats. See Tag and Recon below.
Spotted - Displaying random spotting, very similar to the broken Mackerel, but without the barring. Shikyna, right, displays random spotting.

All Pixie Bobs should have a muted pattern because of blond tipping on the end of each hair.



Solitaire showing great examples of predator markings, a bobcat white muzzle, mascara lines, white under her eyes, dark whisker lines and incredible ear tufts.
Ear Tufts or Ear Tips - long tufts of hair on the tips of the ears.
Predator Markings -
Markings that add to the wild look, mascara lines, bobcat white, light hair around eyes, thumbprints, etc.
Mascara Lines
- a dark line extending from the outer edge of the eye downward.
Bobcat White
- very light hair on the muzzle, chin, chest and belly.  Differs from true white, as the skin is dark and many times the root of the hair is gray.

There are only 2 acceptable eye colors for show (see photos):
Gold (Yellow) Touchstone Muse (below) & Gooseberry Green like Tag's.

Kittens are born with blue eyes. They change color at about 5 weeks.


Rufus - chestnut, tust or reddish undercoat.
Banded Hairs
- Each hair has 4 bands of color.  From base, Mouse gray, rufus, brown, cream.
Ticked or Muted Coat
- refers to the blond tips of the hairs.  Almost looks frosted.  This is what mutes the pattern.  Differs from Ticked Tabby.
Thumbprint or Ocelli- a light spot on the back of the ear.
Muttonchops or Cheek Wings - long hair extending downward from cheeks or jaws.
Flat Brow
- Flat upper brow boning, giving an angry, predatory or worried look to the eye.
Brow Boning - Heavy boning to give the Neanderthal look.
Primordial Belly Pouch
- loose skin hanging from belly.

Tag displays ear tipping, a heavy, flat brow over gooseberry green eyes, a lot of rufus, cheek wings and a great muzzle.

Bobcat Length
- Can vary breeder to breeder, but generally means a tail that reaches the bottom of the buttock.
- Very short or no tail.
Hock Length - Tail to the hock joint of the hind leg.
- A very short tail that rises above the back when held up.
- Slightly longer than a riser, but only a couple of vertebra.
- Normal, long cat tail.
- Born with long tail, then docked shorter, like a Spaniel or Rottweiler dog.
- Pixie Bobs often have kinks, knots and curls in their tails.

Mandy showing off her flat brow, and very rufus, ticked coat.  She has gold eyes.
Legend Cat - Referring to the cat believed to have bobcat ancestry, or resulting from the alleged Bobcat/Domestic cat mating.  There has never been proof of such a mating.  Of course, this is a "Legend" and like most legends...
Blue List
- regulations change, but this is an attempt to trace the Pixie Bob pedigree back to "Pixie".
- The International Cat Association.
- "For the Love of Pixie", a club for Pixie Bob enthusiasts.
- "International Pixie Bob Society", official TICA PixieBob club.
CFA - Cat Fanciers Association.  CFA does not accept Pixie Bobs or any breed of cat that has, or could have, wild heritage.
ACFA - American Cat Fanciers Association.
LOOF - French Official Book of Feline Origins.  A French cat Association.


SGC - Supreme Grand Champion (highest championship  title)
- Quadruple Grand Champion
- Triple Grand Champion
- Double Grand Champion
- Grand Champion
- Champion

IW - International Winner - top 25 cats in the world
(should not be confused with international best of breed winner)
- Regional Winner - top 20 cats in region
(should not be confused with regional best of breed winner)
LA - Lifetime Achievement Winner - earned at least one IW and two more either IW or RW awards at separate times.

IW and RW appear before the championship titles, for example RW SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout.  If that cat earns an IW, the RW title would be dropped since it is redundant, i.e. LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout.  International Winner would also be a Regional Winner, just as a SGC would have already been a QGC.  Likewise, an LA title would replace the IW title, as IW SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout became LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout.  Only the highest title is listed.

OD - Outstanding Dam (Mother of at least 5 cats achieving GCH or better)
OS - Outstanding Sire (Sire of at least 10 cats achieving GCH or better)

PB - Pixie Bob, Shorthaired Pixie Bob      PL - Longhaired Pixie Bob

Savannah Terms and Definitions

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