Special Agent Pixie Bob Trainees

Kittens Awaiting Mission & Travel Orders

1 John 3:1


Special Agent Magnum
 at 4 weeks

A Special Agent Kitten is a small package of explosives wrapped in a warm cloak of love. They have one mission: To infiltrate and capture your heart. They are the BEST!
Special Agent Magnum and Special Agent Trinity have already received their orders and are not available. Will any of the other Agents below be assigned to you?

Special Agent Trinity
 at 10 weeks


We have a few female kittens available at this time.  If you are interested in these or future kittens, please email us to be considered for our waiting list or these girls.

Special Agent Sniper Six (left) and Special Agent Donnybrook (right).

Our Production department is working hard to provide future Agent Trainees.

Supreme Grand Champion Special Agent Espionage (left) and Champion Special Agent Shield (right)

This pair had a beautiful litter, and has two beautiful polydactyl girls available now.



Our litters sell extremely fast, so if you are interested in a kitten, please email us to be placed on our waiting list.  Our waiting list is the first to be contacted by us when we have a litter.  We will only post kittens here if they are not sold.

If you want to move to the top of our waiting list, help us find wonderful, loving, forever homes for one of our very cute and lovable rescues.

They are NOT Pixie Bobs or Savannahs, but rescued from a colony of abandoned, orphaned and homeless cats.  They have been socialized, are extremely lovable, and will make great pets.  Contact us for more info.

Our kittens are social when they leave our home, but, once they leave our home, the development of their personality is totally influenced by you and your home environment.  Pixie Bobs are very intelligent and tend to grow into adults who fit well in the environment they live in daily.

If you contact us, we will get back to you.  If we don't then we couldn't understand your phone number on the answering machine, or an email got lost in cyberspace.  Regardless, if you don't hear from us, please contact us again.

We reserve the right to refuse placement, if we have any feeling, for any reason,
that someone will not provide the absolute best home for any of our agents.

Those who want to, or have asked to be put on our waiting list, and have not been informed of current litters, please submit your request by CLICKING HERE.


BUYER BEWARE!!  Some breeders only care about you until they get your money!
They won't even honor a signed contract. We have experienced this first hand!
Take care to choose your breeder wisely, and visit them when possible. It can make all the difference in your buying experience.

Click here for a few suggestions to help you find a good breeder.

Prices for Pixie Bob Agent Trainees (kittens) are usually in the range of  $800 to $1500 for pet quality, and $1500 and up for show quality.  Occasionally we have a kitten for less.  Kittens will be altered before release.

If these prices are too high, why don't you consider a beautiful adult?

Special Assignments
We also have fully trained Agents (see Special Assignments file). We are retiring and placing some of our adults as pets (some for only the price of spaying or neutering). If you would be interested in a beautiful adult Pixie Bob, let us know.  We guarantee they will become part of your family and your heart!

See Our
Retired Adults

and our

Lovable Rescues

Pictured to the left is Secret Agent Canyon.


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Call:  1(626)964-2101 (Please call after 10:00 a.m. PST)  No soliciting, please!

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